The OrmoSys Foot Pressure Measurement Plate is a diagnostic medical device that operates with no radiation or radio-energy. lt is comprised of thousands of sensors which record and analyze gait in two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional graphic representations that recognize the anatomic variations and anomalies of lower extremities. The OrmoSys Foot Pressure Measurement Plate is portable and provides static as well as dynamic gait examination relevant to the number of sensors and the size of the foot scanner. The OrmoSys Foot scanner can be used in the analysis of gait evaluation of balance as well as a rehabilitation platform. when combined with the relevant software.


The Measurement Process

The Measurement provides the ability of static and dynamic measurements. In static measurements the patient stands on the pressure measurement platform in an upright position, thus enabling the reading of its balance and its weight allocation. In dynamic measurements, the patient walks freely along the platform. The derived information is very important and useful for the definition, the improvement, as well as the rehabilitation of the existing problem. These bits of information are:

1. The recording of high foot pressure. the balance. the comparison between the two soles. the support surface. the position of the heel, the charging of the arch, as well as the deviations of certain angles, or distnaces from axes that the examiner selects along with the two dimensional and three-dimensional representation.

2. This analysis continues with the further cine-matographic analysis of gait. its comparison. its classification, the averages of the pressures exer-cited, the time length of the exercised pressures etc.


Some of the advantages of the foot measurement are that the patient doesn’t feel anything, there is no administration of drugs Viagra, and last but not least the fact that the examination process lasts less than 20 minutes. The most important aspect of the examination is the capability to manufacture special orthotic insoles in the orthotic treatment of lower extremities. Thus with the manufacture of the appropriate orthotic insole we apply the prescribed treatment to the condition/problem. The OrmoSys Mearurement Plate extends in orthopedic doctor’s offices. medical centers. hos-pitals, specialized physiotherapists and rehabilitation centers. A precious tool within the reach of every doctor. physiotherapist or podologist. Therefore whoever has similar problem instead of walking in ignorance· they could head to one of our collaborators and have their feet scanned by our equipment and eventually they will attest to its value.


Static Foot Analysis

Processes the percentage allocation of body weight. the focus and the average of mechanical pressures. lt measu-res the distances. angles and surfaces. lt provides a 3D imprint of the foot analysis and measurement of conserving the static balance.

Dynamic Foot Analysis

lt provides all the above mentioned information as well as several phases of the support. the graph of the charging, the highest pressure. the time of contact. and the correlation of the pressure time.Analysis in 3D. Multiple dynamic analyses. the software has the ability to compare steps taken from the static to the dynamic analysis.