The real challenge by developing the system was to find a practicable and payable solution for the production of the forms about which the insoles components become deep-pulled. Precastly they should accelerate and simplify the working processes, and still have a high individuality and variability allow. The solution for Fatmir Langmeier was a sort of modular system like a jigsaw puzzle instead of producing a high number of strips for different feet The system composes four different parts (prefoot. retrokapitalem area, metatarsus and heel). For these parts developed Langmeier a high number of variations which can be combined according to patient indi-vidually. The advantage of the material is that the users who have their own insole philosophy can change the elements easily in her sense .


How did he develop the different module forms?

Behind his long-standing experience from the daily work in the orthopedics shoe technology. the sport-videoanalysis and the propriozeptiven insole care. Fatmir Langmeier has in his company a 30 m I 100 feet long running track incl. the possibilty of videoanalyses as well as bike and spine/ posture analysing systems. When he began to calculate the different forms and modules with a software specialist together he had already documented data of more than 17.000 patients.

Not only the forms also the insole materials and components are part of the system. Thus OrmoSys makes available a huge number of different upholsterer materials, relation materials. stiffening materials and construction materials in different kinds of shore hardness and stiffness which can be put on top of each other in sandwich construction method by baking in the heating plate and be connected in the va-cuum procedure with each other.