Whether step foam, blue impression, gypsum impression or scanner: all these technologies have from the point of view of Fatmir Langmeier the disadvantage to raise only static data.

Insoles must function while walking, so it is only consistent to measure also dynamically. However. OrmoSys still uses static measurements: With the Brannock-foot measuring system the foot length and the bale point are determined. Besides, component of the OrmoSys-measuring technology is a pressure measuring record with which static as well as dy-namic pressure distribution measurement can be carried out. A Free4Act-sensor belongs to the package in addition to the dynamic pressure distribution measurement. lt contains a so-called lntertialsensor which determines the hip movements three-dimensional or the hip rotation. The sensor is attached to the hips by a belt. If one sees that the divergences of the hip fall out with a patient to the left and on the right very differently, here again it is an aim of the insole care to create steady values. Also the approximate course of the leg axes is considered. Relevant points are marked on the rear thigh and lower leg. The patient is visible on a screen through a camera. The points can be now marked on the screen and the software can calcu-late the leg axis. All investigation results and graphics can be printed out for the doctor and the patient.